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Main products include metal spiral wound gasket, graphite high-strength gasket, PTFE coated gasket, octagonal gasket, elliptical gasket, lens gasket, asbestos rubber gasket, etc。



Ningbo Huayi Sealing Technology Co., Ltd

Professional manufacturer of spiral wound gaskets

NINGBO HUAYI SEALING TECHNOLOGY CO. LTDSince its establishment, it has focused on the research and development of metal gasket industrial application technology. The factory has established a set of metal wound gasket curve control system and introduced a large number of highly automated winding equipment for manufacturing, while strictly controlling the manufacturing process in accordance with ASME, DIN, JIS, EN, GB, HG, SH and other standards. The company's advanced technology, diversified product structure and scientific and efficient production management have greatly improved the anti-risk ability. The company strictly implements ISO9001; 2000 quality management system. We have also obtained a number of patent certificates for new structural seals and product production processes. At present, our main products are metal wound gaskets, graphite high strength gaskets, PTFE covered gaskets, octagonal gaskets, oval gaskets, lens gaskets, asbestos rubber gaskets and so on.

core advantages

core advantages

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